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Take your business online

Create a beautiful and fast website reflecting the visual style of your business. Because it is specifically designed for owners of restaurants, cafes, bars, shops, and similar businesses, Zukini understands what opening times are, what a menu is, and how to feed that information to search engines and other services.

It only takes about five minutes to get up and running

Easy Setup

Getting started is only a five-minute process: Answer some questions about the type of business you have, where it is, and what it looks like, and your website is ready. 

Add your opening times, your menu, or your own domain name (if you have one) to make it completely yours. 

Customisability + design

Take the design aspect into your own hands with some help from Zukini. Choose fonts and colours that suit your brand, and tweak the template to make it your own. 

  • If you already have a logo, you can automagically extract colours from your logo, and use them in your design
  • If you don’t have a logo, you can use a professional font instead

Understands your business

Details like opening times, contact information, and menus are more than just some text on a website, and Zukini treats them smartly: When your customers view your website they’ll immediately see if your business is open at the time, and how to reach you.

Additionally, the same information is easily understood by Google and other search engines should people search for you there.

Add your menu

Wether or not you are a restaurant, cafe, or a bar, let your customers know what they can expect to order:

  • Organise your menu items into different categories
  • List variations of each item on the menu
  • Add labels and icons to illustrate spiciness, allergies, diets…
  • Show or hide prices


  • At a glance…

    Your customers will see important information immediately.
  • Gallery

    Offer a great first impression of your business, your food, or customers.
  • Mobile Friendly

    More than 50% of internet traffic comes from mobile devices, so we make sure you look good there too.
  • Additional pages

    Tell your customers more about your business or just add an extra page for whatever reason.
  • Security

    Zukini uses secure connections and encrypts your passwords. Data is also regularly backed up, so it is safe.
  • Contact form

    Zukini's secure contact form lets your customers contact you while shielding your email address from spam.
  • Good code

    Your website is made with the best Search Engine Optimisation practices so nothing blocks search engines from finding and understanding your website.

Future Features

Zukini was created to be more than a website builder, it’s meant to help you save time, so you can focus on running your business. Zukini only recently launched, so here’s some stuff that’s in the pipeline.

  • Share your updates

    Tell your customers about changes to the menu, events, or just wish them happy holidays, all on your website.
  • Connect with services

    Share your opening times, posts, and other data through services like Facebook, Foursquare, and Yelp.
  • Print menus

    Turn your menu on Zukini into a paper version ready for your tables.
  • More templates

    Take your website to new visual heights with more designs.

Get Early Access!

The first version of Zukini is in a closed beta, which means it's not completely open for the public yet. However, you can join the early access program!

You’ll get your own Zukini-powered website, and your thoughts and ideas can help shape the future of the product.

* Of course, you can link your website to an existing domain as well.
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About me

My name is Marco Hamersma. I’m a web developer and designer originally from the Netherlands, currently living in Hastings, UK. I like taking pictures, taking walks, music and travelling.

I started Zukini after noticing how so many websites for restaurants and cafes are not very attractive or user-friendly, especially on mobile devices.

I felt that I had the power to make something that helps people take their business online, while also giving their customers all the right information at their fingertips.

It was always a bit of a dream for me to build my own online product, and after a few years of working for tech startups and a design agency, I felt like the time had come.